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Saturday, February 13, 2010

CONTRA VIEW - Nizam Sold Costa Andhra, Rayalaseema and Developed Hyderabad

  The following e-mail received from( ) is posted below for the beenefit of information of all bloggers:-
Pro telangana seekers blame that people of andhra looting them, but how many of them know that TELANGANA's survival (before independence) is at the expense of the lives of the people of Andhra & Rayalaseema regions?

1)Andhra- means telugu literally, andhra pradesh means, land of telugu.(so its baseless, to even argue with the section of telugu people who do not even know the roots and changing the word Andhra to telangana where and when ever they like..thinking that Andhra relates to Coastal or Rayalaseema)

2)entire telugu land despite having many kingdoms historically ,were together during 3 great empires,satavahans,kakatiyas and the vijayanagara dynasty, the golden period.

3) it is due to the malicious intentions of alien rulers -mughals,nizams and British -the telugu land is divided in to 3 regions-telangana, northern circars or coastal and the rayalaseema.

How many people from telangana know the basest of basic facts that it is the nizam( s ) who is ( are ) the real culprits. Friends brush up on these below facts:

During the 6 treaties nizam signed with the British

1) in 1766 1st treaty nizam gave away the northern circars to British,in return for payment of 90,000 pounds annually by the British to the nizam or British assistance to nizam when needed ( either 1 option annually).

2)in 1768- 2nd treaty- as nizam succumbed to British , had to forge a gesture of friendship ,British paid an annual allowance of 50,000 pounds.

3)in 1788 nizam gave up guntur district to British in return for an annual tribute of rs 7 lakhs.

4) in 1798, nizam signed the subsidiary alliance treaty with British.

5) in 1800, nizam ceded the 4 districts of then kadapa, ananthapur,kurnool,bellary,in return fot the payment for the maintainanace of the subsidiary force in hyderabad.

Thus by 1802 coastal andhra and rayalasemma came under the rule of British , where as the telangana region remained with nizam.

6)in 1803 nizam signed another treaty with British, by which the forces of hyderabad,were placed at the disposal of British for any kind of emergency.

This is the brief glimpse of how telugu land was divided.friends I recommend all of you to read this section of history.

So my co-patriots from telangana region, I would argue, thus,nizam developed hyderabad and telangana region and protected his interests, by selling the regions of coastal andhra and rayalaseema to British for an annual fee.

So if you claim hyderbad was an already developed city for 3 to 4 hundered years,where did most of that kind of money for its development come from , in those days…………………by selling our regions , so who is exploited by whom…….

Nizam infact by selling the coastal region and rayalaseema to British , sold entire India to British in a way ,cause, British got a strong hold in India thanks to Nizam.

So indirectly who contributed to hyderabad’s development pre-independence……..

Prior to independece, great leaders from all the 3 regions together participated, motivated people from telangana region to revolt against nizam , famously called-telangana saayudha poratam, -it was not for thr formation of separate telangana, it was a revolt against the atrocities of the nizam.

Along with the leaders from telangana , great men like chandra rajeswara rao, puchhalapalli sundariah participated to name a few…… you know from where they are…….did they think why to bother abouttelugu people in telanagana…..

Do you know why telanagana was socially backward mark my words socially backward not economically post independence…………solely due to dora pettanam…..instituted by nizam for his selfish needs,these doras, practised vetti chakiri-bonded slavery, to name a few reddy doras, velama doras, police patels etc etc, high caste telagana people exploiting the backwardness of the downtrodden ,but economically telangana was always viable, except, themoney was loaded amongst the dora’s after nizam.

So why blame other regions for your own faults.

For every evil deed forced on innocents , god will give a boon to the innocents.

Nizam was evil, he sold the coastal and rayalaseema to British, for his selfish needs.but it turned out a boon to those regions, because British built dams on Krishna and godavari ,English education system was started , people got educated, etc etc………..

So my co-patriots from telangana region, to let you know, the people from coastal or rayalaseema,did not become rich or educated by exploiting telangana from decades and decades, as you’ll are proclaimimg.

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