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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cong legislators in pincers - Keshava Rao To Lead A Chalo Delhi Programme On Jan 27

Hyderabad: Congress legislators are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. On one hand they are not prepared to press for acceptance of their resignations and on the other they fear that this passivity might invite severe backlash from the people in the region. These fears were expressed by MLAs, MLCs and others at a meeting held here on Monday. They voiced their apprehension that they might not be in a position to enter their villages if they withdrew their resignations submitted to the Speaker.

The legislators met here to take stock of the situation in the light of party high commands suggestion that they keep away from the Telangana movement as the matter was under its consideration . The meeting, presided by convener of the group Basavaraju Saraiah, MLA, decided to meet again on January 28 in Delhi, to take a final view on the matter. The three-hour long meeting decided that Congress working committee member K Keshava Rao would be the leader of the Chalo Delhi programme. They propose to meet all senior party leaders in Delhi on January 27 and 28 to press for a timebound process to bifurcate the state. They said they would extend the stay in the Capital if no positive response came forth by January 28 from the Centre, spokesman of the group R Damodar Reddy told media after the meeting. Though divergent views were expressed on the continuation of the movement , party leaders finally resolved against talking in different voices on the subject, Sariah said.

The members strongly opposed health minister D Nagenders argument that there was no unity among the Telangana leaders and that their agitation was a failure. MPs Madhu Yashki and Manda Jagannatham and MLC K R Amos opposed Danam by saying it was he who sowed seeds of differences by raising the demand for a special status for Hyderabad. Amos urged the Centre to hold simultaneous talks with Andhra and Telangana Congress leaders and felt that Andhra leaders should not be allowed to continue with wrong propaganda about naxal presence in the movement and students sacrifices in the region.

Minister Jupally Krishnarao, MLA D Sudhir Reddy, A Mohan and MLC N Vidyasagar opposed the partys close association with TJAC. But others like minister Komati Reddy Venkata Reddy did not agree with Raos view point. Several leaders expressed displeasure over high commands confusing stand on the separate state movement. Telangana people are under the impression that the Congress is cheating them. The high command has to remove these doubts to regain the confidence of the people, they said. Those who favoured sailing with JAC said it had helped in putting an end to the burning of effigies of Sonia Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi across the region.

Participants were unhappy that the Centre was magnifying the issue of Maoists. If the Maoists are rampant in the region and if the Centre thinks that they sneaked into students Garjana in Osmania, it should be deemed as failure of police, the meeting felt.


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