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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JAC mulls boycott of industries - Those Opposed To T Will Face Music

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) is planning region-wise boycott of those industries and media which are working against the separate state movement. The proposal is expected to receive the endorsement of constituent political parties like Congress, TDP, TRS, Telangana Prajarajyam , and other mass organisations. JAC convenor M Kodandaram said tentatively , the JAC is scheduled to meet on January 12. Representatives of all political parties, MLAs, MLCs, MPs and state ministers are expected to meet and take a final view on boycotting of the industries and media, Kodandaram said.

He said several business families , after settling in Telangana, have become part of the region but some others, in spite of living on Telanagna soil, are actively trying to scuttle the movement. We will launch a non-cooperation movement against these business and industrial houses by boycotting their products. We will ask the people of Telangana to stop reading anti-T newspapers as well, he said. Despite the Union home ministers assurance that a road map would be announced soon, the movement would continue , the JAC convenor said. Our demand is the initiation of the process for the formation of Telangana within a timeframe . Time frame is important for us. If this is not announced, we will revive our agitation, he said. He, however, said the agitation will be peaceful till the Centre makes an announcement .

All the peoples representatives from the region right from the sarpanches to the MPs will write letters to the Centre to keep up pressure for a time-bound process. Protest rallies and dharnas will be taken up at all places. People will launch relay hunger strike in every town in the region, he said.
SCs hold on JAC irks other groups - BC, ST, OC Students
Threaten To Withdraw Support To OU T Panel

Certain caste groups of Osmania University students have decided to withdraw their support to the OU Joint Action Committee (JAC), miffed with its SC student domination. Students from ST, BC and OC backgrounds have said that they will not support the OU JACs Telangana agitation if they are not properly represented in the steering committee. BC, ST and OC students said that they will form separate organisations to fight for the T cause if the SC domination in JAC continues. Out of the 21 student members of the Osmania University JAC (which has a total of 40 members), only five are BCs, two STs and two OCs. The remaining are SCs.

According to sources, the students want the number of BC representatives in JAC to go up from five to 10 so that their voices are heard. The OC students with two representatives want at least two more to be taken into the JAC. We will pull out the support of over 10,000 BC students if SC leaders do not give us proper representation in the steering committee of JAC, said Ramarao Goud, president , Telangana BC Students Federation. However, the SC students who maintained that there should be no restructuring of the current JAC, said their domination in the outfit is not intentional since JAC was formed by inviting representatives from 15 student outfits.

Most of the leaders of various non-caste based parties are SC students hence their number in JAC naturally went up. But no member of the JAC has shown any kind of discrimination against other members, said V Srinivas, an SC representative and president JAC, OU. Meanwhile, internal fissures have affected the functioning of JAC itself. For the past two days, students could not decide on the future T course of action. The decision on whether to write the examination and whether to conduct padayatra are pending. All that we are talking about in the meeting is just the caste divide and possible solutions for it, said a student representative from JAC. With the BC, ST and OC students stating that they will not write the examination and hold the padayatra, T plans have come to a halt on campus.

Observers of the T agitation said that the current caste crisis in JAC does not come as a surprise since the OU campus itself is polarised on caste lines since long. The campus has been polarised on caste grounds since long and this is bound to reflect in the JAC. Unless the T movement springs back to life, the caste sentiments will rule the students . They need to think about reviving the movement , a political analyst said. Meanwhile, senior JAC member M Kodanda Ram Reddy said that the the senior members of JAC will try to keep the students together and maintain the T unity on OU campus .
T varsities JACs to be merged

The Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) of students will undergo a restructuring on Sunday. Students have decided to merge the JACs of all the eight T universities in the region to form one united body. Student representatives said that they will make an announcement on the matter on Sunday. The new JAC will also announce the future mode of agitation to be adopted for achieving a separate state. The issue of caste divide on campus will also be discussed after, student representatives from Osmania University said.
(source : toi)

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